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One of the advantages (and challenges) of working remotely is being able to find your own balance between free time and work time. There will be plenty opportunities to participate in or you can make proposals for activities, excursions, events in the area, weekends visiting Tuscan cities of art, parties and who knows what else. The group is an incredible engine for stimulating and empowering people, plus with our diffuse community we will be able to offer you knowledge of the territory and the local network.

In the following we offer a few examples of activities that can be done in or around Tertulia, but many others we can imagine and create together without setting limits to imagination and ideas: if we are open, active and positive, we have the conditions to transform free time into the best part of the Coliving experience!

ideas for activities in Tertulia and surroundings

Aperitivo in the sunset with amazing view and colors

sunset aperitif

It is irresistible to get together at the end of the day, at sunset, with a good glass of wine and the view of Mugello. It often ends up being an 'apericena', someone brings music, others think of tasty snacks...

2022-04-24 hike forest

hike from the front door

When it is time to close the working day, the first thing you can do is take a walk through the forests surrounding Tertulia. You can follow the road to the village of Paterno or choose a loop trail that takes you into the wilds of the forest....

2022-08-11 tennis

sport and workout

A healthy life is full of many components, having fun, eating well but also taking care of your body. Sports enthusiasts will find a paradise in Mugello, for running, cycling, mountain biking, tennis. But a workout session together on the farmyard is the best!

mindfulness con vista

Mindfulness and nature

Giorgia offers mindfulness sessions from time to time. You can enrich your day with a moment dedicated to you, in which you can relax and reconnect with yourself, others, and the nature around you.


using permaculture

Francesco has been practising permaculture in Tertulia for 10 years, we will be able to have sessions to introduce the potential of ethical thinking and designing, its precious and simple tools. And it is not just a technique for cultivating ...


farmer for a day

You can participate in the life of the farm at a time during your day, and we will be happy to pass on our knowledge and share with you healthy outdoor work: every season in the countryside has different jobs to do!


Bowen treatment

Linda and Ariya are experienced Bowen therapists, an autralian holistic massage and treatment technique using light digital manipulation. The Bowen method stimulates the body's self-healing and it responds to the best of its ability.


Asian Cooking class

Ariya will guide you in the discovery of the secrets of Asian cuisine, the skilful use of spices to recreate incredible flavours. But with the curiosity to prepare dishes using seasonal and local produce!

View on the forest surrounding Tertulia coliving coworking

Futuro vegetale

In Tertulia, we are in the middle of the forest, in an area with rich vegetation and many trees. But often, we know very little about these beautiful living beings, even though they are the ones that allow life on the planet. Discover with Francesco how to observe plants from a new point of view.

sentiero 00


Mugello is an area with many trekking opportunities. There are numerous valleys, refuges to discover, the Apennine ridge and path 00, the Via degli Dei or Dante's path, Mount Falterona and the sacred areas of the Etruscans. You will be spoilt for choice.

swimming and diving in amazing water ponds

bathing and water

On hot summer days, there are several opportunities to cool off naturally. Within a few minutes' drive we have several streams that form beautiful natural pools, but if you want to go a bit further you can also reach Lake Bilancino or Acquacheta waterfalls

2022-04-30 flower fair

events on territory

The cultural offer is quite rich and varied throughout the year. There are music festivals (March: jazz festival, June: Etnica), amateur sports competitions, art and craft fairs and exhibitions, meetings promoted by active groups and associations, farmers markets, open-air cinema....


pizzerie and restaurants

And who doesn't like to go out for dinner every once in a while to eat a good pizza, discover local dishes, or try the Japanese restaurant that experiments with local produce. There are also aperitifs with music or in the vineyard, which are spectacular at sunset

view of saturnia terme

tuscany discover

It is no coincidence that Tuscany is one of the best known regions in the world. The nature and landscapes are really exciting and you can even explore the thermal baths from Tertulia! But if you would like to spend a day at the sea, or in the hills of Chianti, or ...

Girls in visit in Florence

cities of art

What can one say about Florence that one does not know... perhaps that from our point of view it is crowded and too full of tourists. But if you can go there for a day trip, or for a special evening during the week or by taking advantage of extra-ordinary museum openings...

what's your proposal?

Trekking on the ridge
Wine visit in Voltumna
Acquacheta waterfalls
Elba island
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