Tertulia Coliving e plenaria di permacultura

people cooking at the permaculture convergence disco soup

DISCO SOUP – 10 Aprile 2022 Tertulia Coliving e plenaria di permacultura Tertulia Coliving partecipated to the Italian Permaculture convergence held in April 8-9-10 2022 in Tuscany, in the beautiful location of Mondeggi. It was a special opportunity to have the convergence close to the Coliving as it is organized every time in different places […]

Cobana creative week

Group photo of the partecipants of the creative week

Cobana Coliving creative week Marzo 25-31 2022 Rural Coliving connections in Europe At the end of March 2022 I was invited to a ‘creative week’ by David, the founder of the new rural coliving Co-bana based in Transylvania, Romania. The week was organized thanks to Living Coliving group, with Andreea Rusu present with us. I […]