Winter is coming

Winter is coming Spring was promising, summer was buzzing, fall is here and winter is coming.  For some of us, that means boots, gloves, ski, and slopes. For others, it means it’s time to escape to warmer climates towards Asia or Africa. Who is left? People like us, who love to experience every season and go […]

Local connections and sustainability: first disco soupe in vicchio

Colivers and Tertulia Group collecting unsold food for the disco soupe

Local connections and sustainability: report of the first disco soupe in vicchio by tertulia group At the end of March 2023 Tertulia Group organized an amazing event to empower local connections and sharing sustainability values. It was the first Disco Soupe ever organized in Vicchio. We had such a great time and the event was […]

Coliver experience

Short videos of coliver experience of some of the amazing people that joined our dynamic community in Tertulia Coliving