Tertulia Coliving is an ancient 1700s hamlet nestled in the Mugello forest just above the village of Vicchio.
From the rooms, crossing the garden, you can easily reach the common areas, all of which overlook the outside. Your day can begin by breathing in a breath of pure air and stretching your gaze to where the horizon is lost amidst the sounds of the forest. In a few steps you are in the kitchen where you can prepare your favourite breakfast, meeting other colivers with whom you can exchange a smile and the first impressions of the day.

You can then choose whether to start working right away in the coworking room or at one of the outdoor stations, or take a short hike first to stretch your legs, unless someone has suggested a yoga session or meditation in which you would like to participate to enrich your morning.
Even the vegetable garden, or the garden, always requires a helping hand and perhaps you would prefer to start your day with some healthy activity in nature by helping on the farm.

coliving and community

At Tertulia you will live an experience of meeting with other people who, like you, have chosen to work remotely from the Forest. Once a week we have a community meeting to share how we are but also to plan our week, evenings, events we want to attend or proposals for the weekend. At least once a week we have a shared dinner with all residents of Tertulia open to friends from the extended community.  Exchanging and comparing, sharing and collaborating, smiling and joking, engaging in committed discourse, listening to music and dancing are the norm and ‘culture’ of Tertulia. We like to meet people who travel, who bring stories, new ideas and inspirations. It is in convivial moments that ideas, projects, collaborations are often born: we could tell you by now many stories of people who have found inspiration and empowerment after their experience at the rural coworking coliving!

Starlink and Eolo antennas on the roof of the Coliving


The connection in Tertulia is fast and stable: we offer speeds of 200-250 Mb/s download and 20-30 MB/s upload. To guarantee the connection during calls we have failure protection because we have two different providers (Eolo and Starlink) whose signals are summed up by a wan bonding device. The latency is around 40 ms, which is suitable for calls: don't expect FTTH-like speed and performance, however: we are in the Forest and the digital divide is not completely overcome...


This is an important issue for rural areas, where services are less efficient than in the city. If you do not come by car, you can ask for a lift as often as someone moves from Tertulia (daily). To be more independent, we have a friend who offers a taxi service for a fee. For those who have a driving licence and feel able to drive safely, we offer the possibility of using a car from Tertulia with rates based on kilometres done (but only for local trips). For trips and weekends you can rent cars in the area.

ideas and projects for mobility

We are working on projects with local partners to study how to improve the experience of those who come to our area for a period without a car. We are part of a project group in cooperation with the municipal and regional administration and there is a growing awareness of the importance of offering services to get around the rural area. The most immediate solution to be practised is the sharing of e-bikes, which make it possible to move around at zero cost and also to tackle the gradients of our roads (there is a rental in Borgo San Lorenzo). A dream would be to have car sharing and taxi services in the area (at present not very widespread)…. If you have ideas and proposals, experience of other areas of the world where they have found solutions to replicate your feedback is more than welcome!