The rooms are your private corner, but the real value of a Coliving are the communal spaces, large, numerous and varied, furnished and functional, ready for you. Imagine that you have a very large house, a garden that overlooks the valley and trespasses into the wildness of the surrounding forest. Plus other people like you who fill it with life, rhythms of work and free time, moments of confrontation, smiles and spontaneous parties, the pleasure to be ‘contaminated’ by the enthusiasm of other colivers. Here are the spaces in Tertulia

coworking e workstations

In Tertulia you will find suitable places to work professionally. The entire facility is covered by the wifi signal, even outdoors, with a business-grade mesh network. The connection is provided by a dual provider and a wan bonding system to aggregate bandwidth and protect data transmission from failure.
You will not have one office (your private room is however equipped with a comfortable workstation) but many offices, you can move around every day or several times a day depending on the type of work you do, your inspiration or just light and shade. We provide you an always open coworking room where people are asked to be quiet, a small room for making calls in private, you can also work from the pergola outside the kitchen, from the tables in the garden, and if you don’t risk falling asleep from the comfortable hammock overlooking the centuries-old chestnut forest. It is up to your inspiration and feeling to choose the best place for your work.

Coworking room

living room

Next to the kitchen is this cosy room with two sofas and an antique chestnut table. The walls of the room are rustic and painted in natural white lime to create a room that is both bright and warm at the same time because of the contrast with the colours of the furnishings. You will often find people working from here, who are not disturbed by people passing through the kitchen to prepare a herbal tea or a snack but appreciate the southern exposure and the view from the glass door.

multifunctional barn

The barn room has an area of 45 sqm and is cosy and warm, a place of particular inspiration and, for those who feel it, energy. The room has a wifi signal and is equipped for seminars, group work and meetings.
There is also space in the barn for playing games, whatch movies, relaxing, meditating. In winter and on cold days we start the characteristic rocket stove, self-built a few years ago, and we will need you help to keep it warm!

This is where Giorgia leads mindfulness sessions and it is here that courses in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, mindfulness, etc. are held.

permaculture workshop in the barn

forest farming

What makes Tertulia Coliving unique is that we are also a Farm, and around the houses there is the land, with forest and fields where we conduct various farming activities with the aim of regenerating a landscape and producing high quality food. You can participate in the activities that interest you and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Our landscape is special because you immediately encounter the wild: you can immerse yourself directly in the woods by following easy paths and roads and rediscover a dimension of contact with nature and the trees and plants that surround us. Once you have experienced immersing yourself in the forest, it will be difficult not to feel a call to return the following day….

water and energy

Water is sacred‘: this is the first thing my neighbour told me when I moved here in 2005. We are not served by the aqueduct and we have a well that draws water from the mountain aquifer. After being used, the water is treated in a phyto-purification system that returns it, net of evapotranspiration, to the plants that cover our land, preventing soil erosion and allowing rain to infiltrate and recharge the groundwater. It rains less and less and all in concentrated periods. We need an attitude of respect and conscious use of the resource water, which allows us to live on the planet and particularly in this corner of the forest.

The other resource we need to live here is the availability of  electricity to run pumps, light, computers and for all uses. We have installed a 5Kw photovoltaic panel to cover part of our needs, heat pumps to produce hot water in the summer, low-consumption light bulbs, and we are studying ways of storing and above all reducing our consumption.

In winter we heat ourselves using the wood we cut in our forests with which we also produce hot water.  The work of cutting wood done in a careful way allows us to maintain the life of the forests and ensure a good sequestration of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen to have good air to breathe and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.