Tertulia is a wide project with several activities that complement each other. The Forest Coliving Coworking is the centre of activities related to community issues. The Farm is the centre of activities related to landscape regeneration and food production in the forest environment. 
If you would like to collaborate with us as a volunteer, propose an exchange, offer expertise, share ideas and proposals, please write to us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will consider your request with interest.

Coliving Volunteers

The volunteers’ role is to help the community manage the common areas, especially the kitchen, be an active part of the community, take care of the outdoor areas. You will be expected to help the community manager with daily tasks but also to share impressions of group dynamics. We ask for about 2 hours of commitment per day (a bit more if the coliving is full…). We offer a unique experience in the context of Forest Coliving, you will be able to continue working on your projects during the available hours and connect with members of the dynamic community. You will have a bed in a shared room and your food will be paid for in exactly the same way as for other colivers (read on the website how life at the coliving works). We ask you to stay 2 months so that you can act as a reference for the colivers you will meet. Write to us to propose your candidature and tell us your preferred dates, we will then get to know each other with a call and decide together how to arrange it. We will provide you with a more detailed task list and information on how we are organised. It is not required, but if you have a driving licence/car it is certainly a plus, as well as if you like to take photos and small videos to use later for our social channels. Thank you!

Farm Volunteers

If you are interested in farming and land management and would like to help out with activities on the farm, write to us and we will tell you what the jobs are depending on the season. In October, for example, we have the chestnut harvest, followed by the olive harvest. Daily activities are the management of the vegetable garden and the hens (for egg production). The garden also requires constant care. We ask for a commitment of about 3 hours a day. You will have a bed in a shared room and food will be paid for in exactly the same way as for other colivers (read on the website how life at the coliving works). We ask you to stay 1 month. You will be a full-fledged member of the Coliving community and will be able to connect with other people in the dynamic community, work on your projects in the remaining time and experience the inspiring dimension of Coliving.


Are you an arista and would you like to bring beauty to Tertulia? Land art, reuse of old farm tools, recovery of unused materials, decorations, videos and photos. These are some of the ideas we have for making Tertulia a place where beauty is part of everyday life, where structures and landscape merge into a kind of ‘agricultural park’. Write to us to propose your idea!


We are enrolled in the European Erasmus for Entrepreneurs programme. We have already hosted some young entrepreneurs who have helped us with interior design and social media. Do you have skills that are useful for Tertulia and do you have your own business? Contact us and we can tell you about this interesting programme with funding available

courses and activities

Do you have an activity or course to propose that you would like to offer to Coliving guests? Do you have a proposal that you think would be interesting to develop with us in Tertulia (residential event for a group)? It might be interesting for us to organise activities for groups in the winter months when the Coliving has fewer residents. Contact us with an attractive proposal! 

send here your request for collaboration