Cultivating Community, Sustainability, and Rural Revival

Over the past two years, Tertulia Forest Coliving has evolved and undergone a transformative path. The sparkle of the project comes from a design of social innovation inspired by plants that addresses the rural revival issue. In the University master’s program called Futuro Vegetale, held by Professor Stefano Mancuso, an expert in plant intelligence, we had the idea of a coworking with plants. The original idea evolved into Tertulia Forest Coliving Coworking to match Tertulia’s potential as a remote Tuscany hamlet surrounded by the forest. It was 2019 when we started the design, and remote work wasn’t so widespread yet.

Since the beginning, we started welcoming people, even if the space and the concept were rough and to be tested and improved. In particular, the first period was a struggle to overcome the digital divide, which is still present in our area. Now, a new technology is available, and we adopted Starlink satellite with a backup un fwa 5g connection, and we can offer a service that is appreciated and tested by the people who came to Tertulia. We’ve welcomed over 200 individuals from more than 20 different countries, sharing our warmth and simplicity. Drawing on Tertulia’s rich history of hosting refugee in our family and organizing permaculture courses for a decade, we’ve created a unique space that goes beyond simply ‘coliving’, for the characteristics of being very rural and plunged into nature, remote, focused on community, sharing true aspects of our experience of living in this area of Tuscany.

It was very important and inspiring for us to meet and connect with other coliving spaces around Europe, like Anceu, Sende, and Chateau. The opportunity to share our views and experience gave us more consciousness and strength to understand the role of coliving as a factor in the rural revival issue.

Our commitment to social impact, derived from our past experiences, led us to experiment with ‘social’ coliving, offering refuge to someone escaping the ravages of war for over a year. It was a particular experience that had an impact on our coliving path and gave us many inspirations and richness.

We met many people, and many of them gave us valuable feedback to adjust, improve, evolve, open our eyes to mistakes. This winter in 2023, we had a period dedicated to small renovations to fix many details and particular aspects of communal spaces. Much other feedback will come, and we will establish a system to collect them more efficiently to be more effective in introducing improvements.

But in all evolution, we always reflect our commitment to creating a harmonious environment that fits our values of regeneration and sustainability in the respect of nature.

In the surrounding of Tertulia Forest Coliving, a diffuse community is growing – a network that spans both locals and former colivers. Together, we’re introducing innovative activities and services that contribute to the local area and enhance the coliving experience. Our collaboration extends to similar projects in Tuscany, envisioning the birth of a Community Hub poised to capitalize on the remote work trend for rural revival.

Are you ready to be part of this exciting journey? Whether you bring ideas, enthusiasm, or simply your presence, we welcome you to Tertulia Forest Coliving for a unique experience!

Join us in cultivating a space that goes beyond just coliving – it’s about community, sustainability, and contributing to the rural revival movement.