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It was a project yet to be developed, sitll an idea and a dream. But now it is really happening, in fact it is reality. A diffuse community of people who approached Coliving at different moments and in different ways and decided to stay in the area is emerging around Tertulia Coliving. Each with their own style, their own project, their own needs and desires. But all with a great desire to ‘make’ community. And all are eager to meet you, get to know you and organise things together. It may be an opportunity for you to be part of a more stable and rooted community of people who have started their journey after spending time in Tertulia Coliving. It may at the same time be an opportunity for us to get to know you, to relate to you and your work and life projects.

rural renaissance

Rural areas still suffer from population decline in the balance between emigration, immigration, deaths and births. With the Coliving project we are helping to reverse this trend by attracting people with remote work who choose to stay for longer periods. We provide our knowledge of the territory about how is it is like to live in rural areas. Daily contact with the forest, the wilderness, allows for a very high quality of life. Maintaining connections with other people in the widespread community, the inhabitants of the area and the country makes life rich and full of opportunities, both for those who come and for those who live in the area.

We started meeting regularly to keep our relationship alive and because having continuity in the relationship is the key to community building. We have plenty of ideas and proposals, from helping with personal projects to doing something that has an impact in the area or even on a larger scale. In the simplicity and lightness of doing things with pleasure, respecting each other’s lives and commitments, and never missing an opportunity to celebrate together! On the blog you will find the story of the projects that gradually take shape.

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In 2005 I moved from Milan and bought the farm where we live and where we founded Tertulia Coliving. I am committed to regenerating the agricultural landscape, recovering structures to live and share them, creating networks and communities to live in contact with the wild nature of the forest. And in the countryside I never stop learning and discovering....

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I am a founder and social entrepreneur, originally from Bavaria in Germany. In 2021 I began to travel around Europe’s colivings, starting in Tertulia. After a beautiful journey, with lots of great people, moments and places, I found a new home in Mugello in the incredible forest, close by to where my journey started. In this environment of a great community and beautiful nature, I am able to live the privilege of a “simple good” life, while keep on learning about so many inspiring aspects of life.

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