Tertulia coliving
Work from the forest in a dynamic coworking
Tertulia coliving
For lovers of nature, community and sustainability
Tertulia coliving
An ancient hamlet in Tuscany

forest coliving coworking​

Tertulia means gathering of people who share and discuss their perspectives.

It’s a Coliving Coworking in Tuscany, immersed in the Mugello Forest ideal for digital nomads and creative nomads. A friendly and a small welcoming community to share with. It is ideal for remote workers, digital nomads and creative nomads. All around the nature and the forest provide a perfect place to be inspired and produtive in your professional life as well as to ‘feel at home’.

Tertulia Coliving Coworking is a project for the regeneration of the agricultural landscape, the recovery of an abandoned ancient hamlet, and the regeneration of people and communities by activating connections with nature, the territory, and among the people who live in the coliving.Tertulia’s project has been inspired by sustainability: if also for you it is important to nourish the land we live in and you believe that it’s necessary to commit to pass on a better planet to future generations, then let’s look together for solutions for a positive impact life style! A first step could be to choose a stay in a coliving coworking space where every day we are committed to sustainability.

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(to reserve for a group or to book the entire structure please write us to labo@tertulia.farm)

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Your office in the forest

wellbeing and productivity

Outside the front door you are immediately in nature. The garden extends into the forest, the sounds and rhythms of nature welcome you, and it is not difficult to encounter wild animals. Coworking in the forest has countless beneficial effects on both your health and your productivity. At Tertulia you can work in coworking spaces that overlook the garden, in outdoor workstations near and in the trees. We are immersed in the Wild Forest with its regenerating power for 24 hours a day and for the entire duration of your stay! Your productivity and creativity, your mental and physical wellbeing, even your sleep will improve dramatically!

A diffuse community around tertulia coliving

Some colivers have decided to stay in our area, each with his or her own specificity and project, some buying a house and some renting, some staying with new friends, some in the forest and some near the village. Some were already in the area and came closer. But we are all building a widespread community, a group from which new energies can arise, to realise projects, cultivate dreams and simply to make our life in Mugello better.

Group of colivers chilling

why a rural coliving coworking

Through the Coliving and Coworking in Tuscany project, we wish to explore forms of social innovation to re-inhabit these beautiful places, so rich in nature and traditions, which today suffer from depopulation. The opportunity of a ‘location independent’ job is the key to overcome a real problem of inland areas, the lack of adequate income. With your presence and participation you contribute to a new vision of rural areas and their great potential.

With the Forest Coliving experience we propose a model of a light community, of people who share values and want to do things together because it is nicer than doing them alone. The encounter with the wild that surrounds us in the beautiful forests of Villore is the way to regain a direct connection with nature. And then the chance to reconnect with family farming in order to understand where one’s food comes from, a greater awareness of the use of energy resources and water. Create connections with the surrounding area, participate in events and be part of projects and initiatives, connect with people who live nearby. 

Coliver experience

Read, watch, discover what some colivers have said about their experience at Tertulia Coliving!