About us

For us, Tertulia is not only home but a place to redesign our approach to the world. We like to live, observe, interact, compare, acquire awareness and tools to be part of a socio-environmental-cultural change that we believe is necessary.
In our living laboratory of sustainability, materials of different nature are manipulated such as sociability, agriculture, community, permaculture, construction, solidarity, art, lifestyle … Tertulia is a laboratory for artisans eager to express their qualities and attitudes, to take a responsibility to live by taking care of people, care of the earth and attention to fair share.

Interview with Giorgia e Francesco

Permaculture design course 2017 in Tertulia

A psychologist and an engineer. Two Milanese. A mom and a dad. The desire to look at the world from another point of view.
“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be ready to do something you’ve never done.”
No sooner said than done: let’s start with our city experience, our love for travel, culture, human creativity and technology towards … the countryside! And a thousand doors open to us. Of course, there is no tram, there is no subway, but there is also no traffic, no noise from the neighbors.
There are wild boars, the verses of deer in love, the daffodils that bloom in January, the persimmons that decorate the tree when it is bare. There is healthy food from the garden, there is space to run around, there is the dazzling light of the full moon and huge starry skies.
There are our three children who, when they come back from school, make bike races and make cakes and lunches with earth and flowers.
Permaculture guides us in the design of spaces and the countryside. With the Tertulia association we offer the opportunity to those wishing to participate in the development of the Tertulia project to join us, make proposals, plan together how to practice and spread ethics and principles of permaculture.
Curiosity and the desire to share have encouraged us to organize residential courses. Usually when there are courses, an engaging and regenerating climate of well-being and conviviality spreads, stimulating us every time to propose new opportunities and to create and nurture a network of people with whom to stay in contact to carry on and implement new ideas and projects! And this is what is proposed in the Coliving – rural coworking that we start at the end of 2020, an idea born from the Future Vegetal master that Francesco attended in 2018 and patiently reshaped to better adapt to our context.

From spring 2020 Tertulia has two new inhabitants: Linda and Ariya come from Australia (actually Linda is from Florence, but she lived there for a few years) and they brought with them a breath of energy, which allowed us to relaunch the project and finally see it take shape. With their important wealth of experience, skills and competences (from well-being with Bowen treatments to welding, from the passion for cycling to agriculture, from Asian cuisine to construction work) they are offering a valuable contribution in the development of the project.