Our values

To strive for serenity I need to see harmony to find harmony I need to see peaceful faces
when I encounter troubled eyes I wonder what I can do.

Sharing bits of life is a good way to find solutions where someone feels lacks. It is necessary to make some space. It is necessary to be strong when in this space you have the sensation of trampling, keeping this presence while listening opens up possibilities where at times you saw just a few.

Taking care is first of all offering active listening and constancy; to cure is subsequently to trust and, by having concrete experiences, to build together new images for the future; maintaining a caring relationship is believing in the gestures and dreams of those who take their path, without losing contact with them.

The intensity of this exchange moves us and makes us new every today and every tomorrow.



Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Brundtland report 1987 UN)

For us, sustainability has many faces: environmental, economic (supporting virtuous lifestyles, not indefinite growth …), social, of the person. Each of these aspects deserves in-depth analysis and reflections, let’s try in a few words to tell how we live them in Tertulia. We identify with the three ethics of permaculture, from which we take inspiration for our story.

earth care

We think that taking care of our planet and its living inhabitants is one of the values that must guide our choices and our actions, even in simple things, in everyday actions when we can be careful and adopt ‘sustainable’ behaviors: some example?

Washable nappies (when children were small …), reuse of objects (plastic bags for supermarket vegetables: just stick the price tag on the previous one!), Cloth handkerchiefs instead of paper ones, biodegradable detergents in ‘refillable’ bottles, the use of cardboard and paper in the vegetable garden (or terrace, or garden or vegetable garden of a friend) as a contribution of organic substance, etc etc etc.

Some choices and measures adopted

  • electricity power is supplied entirely from renewable sources (we are members of the Ènostra cooperative). We try to consume during the hours of light when it is produced by the 5 kWh photovoltaic system that is installed on the roof of the farmhouse;
  • heating and hot water are produced in winter with a high-efficiency wood boiler where we burn wood from our forest and in summer with efficient systems such as solar thermal panels and heat pumps;
  • the gray water (kitchen, showers, sinks) is purified by the phytodepuration system to then be reused in the flushing thanks to the dual network we have created (and finally purified with phytoremediation);
  • the raw materials of the structures and furnishings are as natural as possible: we have chosen stones, wood, bamboo, cotton, iron;
  • the detergents and soaps we use have a very low environmental impact: bought from small / medium-sized producers in Tuscany that use selected raw materials mainly from plants not of synthetic and animal origin and not tested on animals;
  • the products we use in the kitchen are mostly harvested in the garden (grown with regenerative agriculture and carbon farming), or grow spontaneously in the fields or on trees, or purchased with the G.A.S. (Solidarity Purchase Group) according to its principles or in any case biological and respectful of men and nature;
  • all resources are used wisely, giving priority to reuse, efficient use, offering a second life and (ultimately) recycling. Most of the objects not made of natural materials, such as the plastic chairs, present in Tertulia are the result of the recovery of objects thrown away although almost new. We make them longer-lasting by spreading the polluting effects of their production over time. Towards Zero Waste …

people care

Taking care of oneself and of others is a priority for us, that fundamental ingredient for the harmony that we like so much to live in Tertulia. People care is also solidarity and hospitality, but not only …

It is less easy to visualize and to describe, but when it is missing we notice it very well. People care is to have at heart that there are the conditions so that in Tertulia people feel at home, welcomed with a smile, with the possibility of interacting with the place and with the people who meet here. We like that who is in Tertulia feels his possibility, at the same time, to ask for his own need, and to donate, to offer something of himself.

Giorgia is a care professional, she expresses it through listening, meditation, awareness of the indissoluble relationship that binds our body to our emotional well-being. Insights on giorgiaandreoli.it

fair share

We cannot do without looking for social justice, fairness, cooperation. ‘A little for everyone, always’, is a slogan that we like. We want to be part of an ecosystem, a living system, made up of meetings, networks, exchanges. Here are some of our projects.

For eight years we have been an reception shelter fir asylum seekers.

With “Le Case” association we have practised a family welcome modality based on relationships and trust, with small, very small numbers. In Tertulia we welcomed 2 people at a time, respecting our resources and at the same time the people we met along this rich path. We have a thousand stories and anecdotes of beautiful and exciting experiences, but also of pain and difficulties lived together with Dolly, Kesy, Adama, Fake, Aida, Asatur and others who passed through Tertulia in the years between 2011 and 2019. Times now have changed, both politically (the rules no longer allow the practice of family care from 2019) and emotionally we have the desire to see Tertulia grow in other aspects too, so we are now asking for help from other people but this means continuing to cooperate, in times when all too often we only think about competing.

With “Le Case” we created a working group that gave life to the Radici Umane project: a farm that produces vegetables with the aim of giving work, dignity and autonomy to African guys (but not only) who have to build a life based on work and healthy relationships. Starting from the land and organic agriculture with care of the land is for us an element of great meaning and importance.

And this is linked to another project of which Tertulia was one of the founders: the permanent training path in regenerative organic agriculture, started in 2016 thanks to the support of Deafal, was an opportunity for self-training but also for sharing information and knowledge of high level and very contained costs, to favor the development of healthy agriculture and thus create the basis for greater equity and justice in relations between living beings. The circle closes, everything is connected, the three ethics it is important that all three are present at the same time ….