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The two French windows with red shutters overlooking the pergola at the western end of the farmhouse correspond to the shared rooms of Tertulia Coliving. The name ‘C’era una volta’ (Once upon a time) derives from the characteristic shape of the ‘vaulted’ ceiling of one of the two rooms and recalls the ancient history of this farmhouse.

The special feature of these rooms is their central location: from the ante-bathroom, which both rooms overlook, there is direct access to the ConVivio kitchen, making you feel a little bit at home. The bathroom is very special, with a hand-painted poppy decoration on the floor, and is designed to accommodate people with disabilities but with special attention to materials, decoration and functionality.

The pergola produces an excellent strawberry grape that is at your disposal in the season of its ripening, and in the shade of the vine we have created a round table (using an old wine barrel iron recovered from the cellar as a containment for the wooden top) from which you can work inspired by the view of Mugello.

room radici

A room decorated with inspiration from the Etruscan world but with a contemporary touch. To rediscover one’s roots, there is nothing better than letting oneself be stimulated by the history of this incredible people who inhabited Mugello and who knows, perhaps even this land where we are lucky to live now.
It overlooks a hallway, also overlooked by the Germogli room, from which you can access a rather special bathroom. Why special? Because it is large and decorated with love by someone who loves to spread beauty in hidden places. 

room germogli

Stone walls and small vaults welcome me behind the ancient roses of the pergola. When I wake up in the Germogli room, I can look out and see the green of the meadow gently curving down into the Mugello valley. At sunset time I can choose: let the light that falls in the privacy of my room caress me or run outside and enjoy it from a bench with my feet in the grass.
The room is still looking for someone who knows how to give it a decorative touch, perhaps inspired by the ceiling vaults that characterise it. But sometimes an unfinished work can offer a lot of food for thought and stimuli that we are very curious to collect!


The room rate is €30 per day.
We apply a reduction of 15% for stays of at least 14 days and 35% for stays of at least 30 days.

one week: 210€

two weeks: 357€

one month: 585€