Kitchen and food

For the needs of social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, it will be important that the kitchen, like the common spaces, are also a place of respect for everyone’s sensibilities. The convivial and collaborative cooking style that we like to offer you in Tertulia are to be understood as an inspiration for experiences that we hope will soon be able to live freely and that at this moment we live with those who reside in Tertulia for more than a week. This is how we maintain the atmosphere and spirit of this place, the cuisine, which is the real beating heart of conviviality in Tertulia!

ConVivio Kitchen

The ConVivio kitchen is a space but also a way of experiencing the kitchen: starting with garden products, seasonal products and the availability of local producers, we will offer you the basic ingredients to develop your weekly, balanced and varied menu. In the ConVivio kitchen you can cook, listen to music, celebrate, light the fireplace. We are experts in recipes to enhance leftovers and in any case, if there is organic waste, the hens will be delighted to turn them into excellent eggs!
The ConVivio pergola, just outside the kitchen door, is equipped with tables and chairs and is the ideal place to enjoy meals, early in the morning as at lunch or in the evening, with the background of nature and colors, the scents of flowers and the background of the birds that populate the trees of Tertulia.
The wood-burning oven next to the pergola allows you to cook without the consumption of gas and using waste wood. It is suitable for groups and is quick to warm up having wood and fire in a separate room from the cooking area (so the ash and dust from the combustion do not contaminate the food): ask us how to turn it on and manage it, it takes very little to get used to and cook excellent courses (greedy vegetables, cecina, baked potatoes, savory pies, pizza … ..)

In the ‘ConVivio’ Kitchen you will find:

  • Two stoves (one professional)
  • Cookware sets for individual and group cooking
  • Two refrigerators to store your groceries and a pantry at your disposal
  • Plates, cutlery, glasses, cups and mugs in abundance
  • Kitchen utensils (knives, electrical appliances, ladles, etc.)
  • Worktops in stainless steel
  • A giant fireplace where you can also cook on the fire
  • A gas oven inside and a wood oven just outside the kitchen

Veggies and eggs included!

We cultivate two gardens dedicated mainly to the needs of Tertulia and with the surplus we contribute to "Radici Umane" social project. Depending on the season, depending on the climate and our capacity, you will find truly natural vegetables with a rich and exquisite flavor (we apply regenerative organic farming techniques). Chicken eggs have a deep yellow flavor and color. Also if you want homemade sourdough bread, yogurt (made with organic milk purchased but it is much better than packaged one), jams from our fruit we are available!

Local producers

The photo was taken at the "transition market" in Pontassieve. The producers are all from the territory and are from small companies and self-certify with the participatory guarantee system. You can get to know them and buy their products. Mugello is a peasant land and there are several small producers who make quality and passion their motto. Even closer to Tertulia we know places where excellent quality meat and salami, sheep's cheese and fresh cow's milk are produced. Mugello wine is not as famous as in other parts of Tuscany but there are excellences to be discovered.

Honesty bar

At your disposal you will find a space with a refrigerator and a pantry always stocked with quality products from the area and with fresh drinks and a selection of wines. A detailed list will guide you in choosing the products to taste, for your snacks, aperitifs at sunset, dinners and whatever you want. There are also Tertulia products, such as jam and sourdough bread or yogurt. Why this name? Simple: all you have to do is self service and mark your drinks on a sheet. Based on the proposed price list, we will take care to count the consumption at the end of the week of stay.

(Slow) Coffee break corner

At your disposal in the kitchen you will find a corner dedicated to herbal teas, tea and coffee. A kettle and a toaster for your breaks and resume working more rested! In particular we propose a way to take a slow and responsible coffee: with the collaboration of Annacaffè (a project of socially responsible and high quality coffee) we propose you to grind (by hand) directly your coffee for mocha or filter and enjoy it with all its aromas and also devoting a little 'you attention to think about where it comes from and how it was produced this coffee. Don't worry, you will find a panel with all the explanations to prepare an excellent coffee!