Room Frutta

Ensuite bathroom

room frutta

Bonum prandium et accipite pandit. As I read a book in this room and write a few notes I breathe the tradition. I am in Tuscany, precisely in Mugello and the coats of arms on the ceiling, in addition to the band decorated by the students of the master Chino Chini at the beginning of the 20th century, remind me of it. Even the floor of beautiful original grit tiles, surrounded by oak wood, and the window frames in cypress tell me about a story of men who wanted a well-kept home even in the middle of the healthy countryside. This was the dining room where you can refresh yourself at the end of the day after hunting or visiting the farm that stretched all around. Here, meals were offered to guests. Now, while the materials and the frescoes tell us these stories, we are welcome in this room with a double view of the garden, the flowers and the valley.

room facilities

Ensuite bathroom
22 mq
Single beds on request
ground floor
no Smoking
2 people