DISCO SOUP - April 10 2022

Tertulia Coliving and permaculture convergence

Tertulia Coliving partecipated to the Italian Permaculture convergence held in April 8-9-10 2022 in Tuscany, in the beautiful location of Mondeggi.

It was a special opportunity to have the convergence close to the Coliving as it is organized every time in different places in Italy. And then the group of the organizer was composed also from Tertulia team members (Lorenzo Ci) and very good friends.

We prepared the event with a dedicated Barnight in which Francesco was sharing the main guidelines of Permaculture with the focus on ‘how permaculture can be useful in our lives’. The session was nice and made arise the expectation for the main event.

The Saturday party in Mondeggi

We could join an amazing party with live music. Despite of a sudden storm of rain and cold (on the mountains close to Tertulia it was snowing…) dancing and having fun was lasting long in the night! The party was the celebration of diplomas of people that presented to the assembly their design after years of commitment with permaculture principles and ethics. Some of us decided to stay in Mondeggi and sleep there to be ready for the next day.

cherry flowers and view of the mountains with fresh snow
smiling Simon and Francesco at the disco soupe

Disco soupe

Sunday morning was the moment of being active and participate to the disco soupe. To be honest, some colivers were invloved from the days before to go and ask for food to be donated for the big event to be held at the convergence.

Disco soup is an amazing project to reduce food waste and starts with the collection of unused fresh food from shops (veggie shops, bakery above all) that has to be brought on the place. Than, with the add of some spices and base ingredients and with a lot of love and creativity a menu is decided collectively. Groups of volunteers are formed to take care of single menu voices and the disco is started! A Dj provide excellent music while cutting veggies of different shapes and colors, reducing waste at minimum and starting to cook. A free contribution is than asked to people that come to eat. A few figures? More than 350kg of food saved from waste and around 300-350 people enjoing a free-waste lunch in the sun of Tuscany, with dances, laughing and a lot of fun for everybody!

Francesco Boldrini