The space

The Barn at Tertulia coliving is a multifunctional room renovated with originality, (lime and hemp plaster, heating with a self-built Rocket stove with the soil of Tertulia). The wooden bamboo floor is ideal for barefoot in summer, free from shoes and foot constraints: you can relax and devote yourself to your activities.

The activities

The room is covered by a wifi signal, equipped with a video projector and a screen for presentations, flipchart and markers, a place where you can propose seminars, do group work or meetings.

The sound system is perfect for an immersive experience, such as the evening cinema: you can propose a screening of a film to see with other guests and residents in Tertulia!

In the barn there is also space to play, relax, meditate.

Here Giorgia conducts mindfulness sessions for those who want to approach these personal well-being techniques or for those who want to practice and increase their level of awareness and free themselves from stress.

Finally, this is where the courses we host are held, in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, mindfulness, etc.

Book the Barn!

Mark on the shared board when you need the Barn to do your own business or to propose something to others (yoga session, evening cinema, board game, presentation, meeting)