The experience

What you will not forget about your stay in Tertulia

Opportunity, motivation freedom

Spending a period working in a special context is a great opportunity: you can focus on your business, get stimulated by meeting other people but also get inspiration from unfiltered contact with nature and the woods that welcome us. You will be able to find the best place to work, private in your room, in the coworking room or in one of the outdoor stations or by letting yourself be guided by your instinct of the moment: truly a great freedom and wealth of possibilities!

Feel like at home

What strikes us most about the feedback from people who pass and stop in Tertulia is that they tell us: I feel at home! And this maybe only after a couple of days, and we had never met before! We really believe it is important to create a climate that makes this happen. From joyful moments in the kitchen, to private spaces, from relationship and exchange experiences to solitary moments, you will be able to appreciate the spontaneity of being able to be yourself and have your own place in our small community right away.


In Tertulia you will meet other like-minded people: that is people who are in a context where exchange and compare, share and collaborate, smile and joke, make committed speeches, listen to music and dance are the life style and ‘culture’ by Tertulia. We like to meet people who travel, who bring stories, new ideas and stimuli. We like to meet people who have something to do and meet in the evening for a convivial dinner after a healthy day at work.

connection with nature

Living in contact with nature is a great opportunity: every season, every moment of the day brings with it something special, the web of life that continues to amaze us with its infinite connections. And slowly, you will be able to grasp first one and then another relationship between living beings, whether they are plants or animals. The starry nights, the full moon, the sound of the woods (it’s not silence, it’s other sounds!). And sleep well, eat healthy, think about your well-being as well as what you need to do and leave richer than when you arrived!

positive impact

Last but not least, a mention of our proposal to live with attention to one’s values, look for them and ask oneself what they are, rediscover one’s own ethics. For us this means doing a regenerative enterprise: regenerate all the forms of capital we have and which allow us to live with taste. It may have happened at the table, or in the garden, or during a walk, but that talk looking into your eyes and opening your heart I certainly won’t be able to forget …