What you get

Start to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Coliving in the woods: read on this page everything you will receive during your stay in Tertulia, what you can do while staying here and which daily or weekend excursions you can start from Tertulia.

What is included

Coliving & ruralcoworking

Find out here what you will have available at Coliving Tertulia: from the cozy and comfortable rooms with bathroom to the coworking room and common areas, all covered by a good wifi connection. Plus housekeeping services. 100% renewable energy for hot water, electricity and heating.

Kitchen and food

The Con-Vivio kitchen, equipped as at home, is at your disposal: cooking and eating in company while listening to good music is a fantastic way to meet other people and to exchange. It is a precious moment when everyone meets after the working day. In addition, you will have vegetables from our garden and fresh eggs at your disposal!

The experience

In Tertulia you will meet other people, the colivers and the residents: after a few days you will feel at home! We are in the middle of the woods and the pristine nature, the starry nights and the full moon, the sounds of the forest, the colors, the views and the walks from the front door will be part of your day! An experience of meetings, work and well-being. Read more!

In Tertulia you will also have the possibility to book additional activities, which we can organize expressly for you or for a group. Some activities are free, for others we ask for a contribution: ask us directly for a quote per person and to give us your availability, we will define together a time to meet!

Activities in Tertulia

Mindfulness in nature

Giorgia Andreoli offers meditation sessions in nature. You can enrich your day with a moment dedicated to you, in which to relax and rediscover contact with yourself, others and nature around us

Asian Cooking class

Ariya will guide you at the discovery of the secrets of Asian cuisine, the skilful use of spices to recreate incredible flavors. But with the curiosity of preparing dishes with seasonal and local products!

Introduction to permaculture

Francesco introduces you to permaculture and the potential of an ethical way of thinking and designing, which makes use of precious and easy-to-apply tools. And it's not a cultivation technique ...

Bowen massage

Linda and Ariya are expert Bowen therapists, an Australian technique of massage and holistic treatment through light digital manipulations. The Bowen method stimulates the body's self-healing and it responds at the best of its ability.

Farmer for a day

You will be able to participate in the life of the farm on a day of your choice, we will be happy to pass on our knowledge and share with you the healthy work in the open air: every season in the countryside has different jobs to do!

Vegetal Future

In Tertulia we are in the middle of the woods, in an area with rich vegetation and many trees. But often, we know very little of these beautiful living beings, although they are the ones who allow life on the planet. Discover with Francesco how to observe plants from a new point of view.

Some information to know ... (tap here)

Mugello is a predominantly rural area - The village of Vicchio is 10 min drive far - Local producers and delicious healthy food - White road uphill to reach us - We are in the countryside: bring clothing and shoes suitable for the season and for trekking - Super nice environmental guide available for trekking and discovery of the territory - Free parking

...before your arrival

One of the most beautiful cities in the world: reach Florence in 1 hour by train - Walks and treks right at your door steps - Mountain bike trails starting from home - Rivers for swimming 10 minutes by car - Lake 30 minutes by car - Mugello circuit with free events - “Giotto jazz festival” in Vicchio in March - “Etnica”: free music in the square in Vicchio in June - The chestnut harvest in October