Woodland life in Tertulia

Tertulia coliving is in the middle of the woods. The trees are the real protagonists of our land, there are oaks, hornbeams, ash trees, maples, elms but also chestnut trees, cherry trees, figs, apple trees, pear trees, plum trees all spontaneous and integrated to form a very rich community of living beings.

By staying in Tertulia you will be able to become part of this community, extended also to the inhabitants and guests of this hamlet, and connect with the rhythm of the days and the seasons, appreciating the rain, the sun, the cold, the summer breeze, the starry nights and the full moon one too.

In Tertulia, agricultural activity is strongly linked to the context of the forest, trees are our first food producers and step by step we reveal the relationships of the network that forms our ecosystem and we activate productive opportunities: the hens (the first birds of the wood), vegetables (at the edge of the wood) and then mushrooms, wood, berries and wild herbs.

How could it inspire you in your work to learn more about your ecosystem and the network of elements that compose it?

Regenerative gardening
We designed the garden with permaculture and with the principles of regenerative agriculture. From the garden we produce vegetables for the consumption of Tertulia coliving and sell the surplus through a network of purchasing groups and the Radici Umane social agriculture project. You will be able to participate in the harvest, taste seasonal vegetables, but also support us in the phases of the management of the garden if you wish!
Chestnut wood
We manage a centuries-old chestnut wood where we produce the "Marrone del Mugello IGP". The wood is a magical place, not only during the chestnut harvest, but in the various seasons of the year. It tells of the history of this land, of the generations of farmers who have handed it down, of the traditions and respect for the woods. It is not difficult to find delicious mushrooms, meet wild animals, breathe in the scents of the forest, let yourself be lulled by nature.
The forest that surrounds us is in a special position, perched on the hills of the Mugello Apennines while remaining just 10 minutes from the town. One of the things we love most about living in Tertulia is the 360-degree view that sweeps over the valleys, mountains, and woods of the Mugello around us. The toponym of the place is "Il Monte", precisely because we are on a hill and dominate the surrounding landscape.
Olive trees
You cannot imagine the pleasure of producing your own oil! In addition to being a real health juice, it accompanies us throughout the winter and summer season at every meal. Olive trees are fragrant plants, gentle in sharing space with other trees (do not imagine extensive monocultures of olive trees, ours is an olive grove where biodiversity dominates) and generous in offering their fruits and accepting ours pruning to facilitate the harvesting and production of olives.
In the middle of the woods means that by leaving the front door in Tertulia you can go for a walk. In every direction: to the north in the chestnut forest, to the south in the oak forest, to the west in the terraces, to the east going up towards Paterno and exploring the paths that lead on and on towards fascinating ways. Mushrooms, spontaneous fruits and berries (to be able to recognize them well!), shapes, smells and colors, the sound of the wind and walking on the soft forest ground, how many sensations and how much well-being these splendid living trees offer us that so much wisdom they bring with them .
Wild animals
In Tertulia it is not difficult to meet wild animals, it is easy to see their obvious traces (when they enter the garden, they eat the fruit that has fallen to the ground, they sing in the night, they launch their calls). In the dark with the car headlights on returning home we often encountered wild boars, roe deer, badgers, porcupines, foxes, nocturnal birds of prey. In late September, the deer let out their bells that you can clearly hear from home and sometimes we happened to find deer antlers nearby! The wolf is also an inhabitant of these areas. Then we cannot fail to consider the birds, many and different from each other that with their song color the days of Tertulia.
Stars, moon, firefly
When I moved to the countryside I was impressed by the moon: the difference between a full moon night and a new moon night is incredible when living in the same place! Then the absence of light pollution allows us to observe all the stars of the firmament in their splendor. In June you can't miss the fireflies: for about ten days the night lights up like at Christmas time with twinkling stars, which fly over the meadows offering a truly unique and special spectacle. Did you know that the male is flying and that the females are hidden in the meadow, attracting them with the light signal?
Did you know that 30% of our needs could be fed only with spontaneous plants? Do you know that there are more than 30,000 known species of edible plants and that in the world only 5 plants are 80% of what you eat? We are slowly learning to know them and we rely on experts to organize experiential meetings for the recognition, collection and cooking of wild herbs. It is wonderful to sit at the table and see the expression on the face of those who experience a new flavor for the first time in their life: like being a child again.