Do you have questions about Forest coliving coworking?

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With your presence at Coliving you are already helping us to support the project! But the first help for us is having you here and being able to listen to your feedback about your experience at Tertulia Coliving and to be able to constantly improve the facilities, experiences, logistics etc. If you have particular skills that you think could be useful, let us know and we can offer you a discount in exchange for some of your time!

Briefly, coliving means living and working sharing the same space with people who share your lifestyle. In Tertulia, it means living in a conscious and sustainable way, working remotely in a place surrounded by unspoiled nature, feeling at home from the first moment in the company of a small, dynamic and welcoming community of people. And being able to take a walk directly from the front door! Discover the benefits of the Forest!

We have worked hard to offer a high-performance and stable connection by combining two different providers: Starlink via satellite (with speeds of around 200 mb/s download and 20 mb/2 upload) and Eolo via airwaves with fwa technology offering 30 Mb/s download and 3 Mb/s upload. With a wan bonding box we add up the connections and get a failure protection to optimise video calls, watch streaming videos, work in the cloud. There is also the possibility from the rooms to use the 4g signal with excellent reliability. But don’t expect performance like with fibre optics: we are in an isolated area and in the woods, and we still suffer from the digital divide.

Of course! In this difficult period related to covid, it is an excellent solution to share space with people you trust and with whom you have contact. Write us a message to know the availability and to let us know your needs and we will reply immediately!

Yes, of course.  We offer three options: private rooms with bathroom (Villa), private room in apartment (Farfalla) or bed in shared bedroom (C’era una volta).

Tertulia Coliving is in the original structure of 1700, consists of 8 newly renovated spacious and well-kept rooms, with private or shared bathroom, a cozy coworking space, a living room, a multifunctional room, a kitchen equipped like at home where you can have lunch with a large fireplace , a veranda with tables, outdoor workstations, garden and woods just outside the front door, natural gardens with seasonal vegetables.

On Mondays we plan a community meeting to coordinate together, introduce ourselves and get to know each other, listen to the ideas and proposals of the colivers for the activities we want to do, and discuss cooking in order to share how to manage meals and shopping. (Anyone offering to cook some days? Do we let things flow freely? What products are in season? Where to shop from local producers?) This is the time to organise ourselves and make the most of our stay in Tertulia.

Bed linen, towels and a weekly housekeeping service are provided. Wi-fi internet connection is available throughout the hotel. The fully equipped Con-Vivio kitchen is at your disposal (see food section) and is also equipped with a fridge and dishwasher. We provide you with fair trade coffee, Tuscan oil, sugar and salt. You have free access 7 days a week at all hours to the coworking room. You can use the barn, a multifunctional room equipped with a video projector. Of course you have access to all the meadows and woods in and around Tertulia. You can participate in some of Tertulia’s activities such as ‘farmer for a day’, weekly family dinner, bread baking, cinema in the barn etc. In addition, if you don’t have a car, we will organise transport from the station to your arrival and departure and once a week we will accompany you shopping.

That’s right, the meals are self-managed by the colivers who have to do the shopping. At Tertulia we also have a bit of farming activity and you can buy our seasonal produce. The kitchen is the beating heart of coliving, it will be essential to respect space and common sense rules to leave the space as clean as you found it. Cooking and eating together, listening to good music, is a great way to get to know each other and to exchange, a precious moment when everyone comes together after the day’s work.

At your disposal in the honesty bar you will find various products from our territory and our production: just write down your consumption and then serve yourself, at the end of the week you can settle your bill. It is important for us in Tertulia to base our relationship on trust.

Are you a lover of trekking, mountain biking? There is plenty of choice! Are you fascinated by a territory where wild and cultivated meet? Just take a tour and you can easily spot wild animals, see intact woods, but also vineyards and olive groves and sheep farms. The famous Mugello racetrack can also be visited to see minor events (and not just the MotoGP). Rivers and lakes for swimming in the summer. The history of the Second World War from the Futa pass where there is the Germanic cemetery. The Etruscan finds. Many small villages to discover. And much more….

Of course! You can also go there by train from Vicchio station, trains run every hour. If you don’t have a car, you can certainly arrange a ride to the station with us or one of our guests. If you want to stay in the evening we can recommend a low cost hostel where you can stop and experience Florence by night without worrying about returning to Tertulia.

Perfect, it is precisely what we feel is important: to offer the possibility of staying in a remote place in the woods, to live with the rhythms of nature and the seasons, even if only for a few days, living in the coliving house in Tertulia where we have lived for more than 15 years (before we lived in the city center of Milan!). You will also have the opportunity to get closer to basic knowledge, the vegetable garden, light the fire, make wood, interact with the hens. These days, learning how to produce food is a resource that should not be underestimated …

We are 35 km from Florence, in Mugello. The nearest airports are Florence, Pisa and Bologna. Tertulia can be easily reached by car (the dirt road can be done with a normal car) or by train (but let us know that we will come to pick you up at the Vicchio station).

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