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Riflessioni su coliving rurale, foresta e altro

Scriviamo qui esperienze, idee e progetti relativi al Coliving Rurale, alla foresta, alla sostenibilità e altro. Tutti questi racconti sono originali e sono relativi a Tertulia.

two colivers n the living room

Cultivating Community, Sustainability, and Rural Revival

Cultivating Community, Sustainability, and Rural Revival Over the past two years, Tertulia Forest Coliving has evolved and undergone a transformative path. The sparkle of the project comes from a design of social innovation inspired by plants that addresses the rural revival issue. In the University master’s program called Futuro Vegetale, held by Professor Stefano Mancuso, an expert in plant intelligence, we had the idea of a coworking with plants. The original idea evolved into Tertulia Forest Coliving Coworking to match Tertulia’s potential as a remote Tuscany hamlet surrounded by the forest. It was 2019 when we started the design, and

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Winter is coming

Winter is coming Spring was promising, summer was buzzing, fall is here and winter is coming.  For some of us, that means boots, gloves, ski, and slopes. For others, it means it’s time to escape to warmer climates towards Asia or Africa. Who is left? People like us, who love to experience every season and go with the flow. As fall arrives, it gets us reflecting on time passing. In rural areas, like the Devon Countryside in the UK or the Tuscany Forest in Italy where we moved more or less recently and now run our coliving spaces, we are witnessing

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Esperienze di Coliver

coliver experience In this page of the blog we will collect some stories and share about ‘Coliver Experience’ through short videos, poems, reviews. Many other colivers passed from Tertulia, this is just a small excerpt of all the amazing people we meet. These are not interviews by actors or politicians or done in a professional way, but simply spontaneous sharing by real people like you are.  You can get to know something about their experience in Tertulia Coliving, what they wanted to share, catch the emotion of the moment. Everyone is a different person with different story, everyone has a

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people cooking at the permaculture convergence disco soup

Tertulia Coliving e plenaria di permacultura

DISCO SOUP – 10 Aprile 2022 Tertulia Coliving e plenaria di permacultura Tertulia Coliving partecipated to the Italian Permaculture convergence held in April 8-9-10 2022 in Tuscany, in the beautiful location of Mondeggi. It was a special opportunity to have the convergence close to the Coliving as it is organized every time in different places in Italy. And then the group of the organizer was composed also from Tertulia team members (Lorenzo Ci) and very good friends. We prepared the event with a dedicated Barnight in which Francesco was sharing the main guidelines of Permaculture with the focus on ‘how

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Group photo of the partecipants of the creative week

Cobana creative week

Cobana Coliving creative week Marzo 25-31 2022 Rural Coliving connections in Europe At the end of March 2022 I was invited to a ‘creative week’ by David, the founder of the new rural coliving Co-bana based in Transylvania, Romania. The week was organized thanks to Living Coliving group, with Andreea Rusu present with us. I could meet amazing people: founder of other rural Colivings in Europe (Augustin from Anceu Coliving in Spain, Katia from Chateau Coliving in France, Morgane actively working for Swiss Escape and Greek Escape, and other coliving enthusiast one more nice than the other). Main results of

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