Coliving laboratory Aug 24
Join us for coliving and exploring connections to place and local community
Coliving laboratory Aug 24
Join us for coliving and explore connections to place and local community
Coliving laboratory Aug 24
Join us for coliving and explore connections to place and local community
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Coliving laboratory - august 24

Coliving laboratory it’s an experience only for August. We will explore connections of the coliving community with the space and the farm, with the wider community and with the territory. Join us if you are interested in exploring how to be effective in having a social impact at different scale. We will introduce you to permaculture principles and basic design tools, we will guide you through workshops of participated design till the realization and testing of contructions and as well events.
Read on to learn more about the planning and the details. We need your creativity and enthusiasm as well as your experience as a coliver would be a plus!

And this is a unique opportunity to enjoy a special cooperation between two coliving projects, Agaia and Tertulia, to make the laboratory more rich integrating ideas, tools, experience, passion of two projects sharing the same values!

About the laboratory

This coliving month at Tertulia is extra special: we will run a laboratory dedicated to shape the culture of the coliving community in Tertulia and strengthen local connections. We invite you to join us for a coliving month to explore the concept of integrating communities and enabling intercultural exchange together. Throughout the experience we empower you to bring your ideas to life and experience different roles and responsibilities in a group.

To achieve this, we provide a framework concept of workshops, open sessions and projects to choose from. Within, we will experiment together with you and the group of colivers, the Tertulia network and the local community, focusing on these questions:

  • How can colivers be better integrated with the local community?
  • How can we leverage the full value & potential of the place?
  • How can a stay at Tertulia become more meaningful?
  • How can the social impact of the coliving be expanded to the territory?

About our collaboration

For the laboratory Tertulia collaborates with AGAIA Coliving. We partnered to join our experiences running coliving projects in Italy to bring social innovation to life. Tertulia and AGAIA share a lot of similar values and a common mission around nature connectedness, strengthening rural areas, bringing digital communities to rural Italy, promote sustainable, regenerative & conscious living and a strong community-focus. We share our passions for community building and want to use the potential of this collaboration in order to strengthen community relationships in Mugello. 

Our goal

  • Overall objective: Encourage involvement in the farm and the local community. Diminish barriers between colivers and surroundings. Colivers to become an active and integrated part at Tertulia and involve themselves in local culture, build relationships beyond the coliving space itself. Generate larger local impact through establishment of relationships between digital and local bubbles, networking & knowledge transfer, intercultural exchange.
  • Goal of the laboratory: Establish a sustainable concept of integrated communities that benefits all layers of the community: the colivers, the farm, the project (Tertulia), the wider community, local communities & organizations and the territory.

Your Opportunity

Become an active part in shaping the community and the rural future of Mugello. From vision to reality: Are you looking for an opportunity to get your hands dirty and be part of a project throughout the different phases from ideation, design, construction, testing and celebrating the result? We invite you to take some time away from your laptop to actually work on something tangible and impactful. Whether you chose to get involved in the permaculture garden on the farm, work in the forest terrace, plan the garden party together with the local community or involve yourself in cooking shared dinners. There are plenty of opportunities to experience different roles in community and self-efficiency in new areas of your life.

The projects

Permaculture at tertulia

After a brief introduction to permaculture ethics and principles we will explore how Tertulia project is designed, from model to details, both for the farming and the coliving activity. We will share about syntropic agriculture principles in agroforestry systems for chickens, gardening, chestnut forest.

View on the forest surrounding Tertulia coliving coworking

Forest terrace

In August we will build a terrace into the canopy of two trees facing the Forest. It will be a unique space for work, meditate, spend time on a tree with a breathtaking view. You will be involved in designing the user experience and than build the outcomes while we will take care of the main structure and the safety aspects.

Group of participants planning menu for disco soupe: let's act sustainability

Social Design: Event with local communities

We would like to organize an event open to all the neighbours and wider community in the small village of Paterno. You will be involved in the process and at the same time you will enjoy the event participating and connecting to the other people invited.

Impact on territory: project with local association

We will design and realize an intervention to empower a local project on the territory running a place where people can bring objects, furniture, second hand tools to be offered to other people, avoiding to produce waste.

What you will learn

As we will be living and working together in community, many different skills can be developed throughout this month. Besides acquiring practical skills based on the projects you chose to involve yourself in, you will gain experience that will help you far beyond the coliving experience. For example development of your creative side, ability to develop ideas, execute them and measure & evaluate the results, team work, conflict management, to organize yourself in projects and teams.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for motivated and inspired people who are willing to contribute and create positive change in the coliving and the local environment. We welcome curious minds who want to think outside the box. Here you have the opportunity to experience and act upon your ideas of social innovation.

We welcome people with all talents and passions. We believe in the potential of diverse groups. Whether you enjoy physical work or gardening, you are a storyteller or content creator – or you are especially creative or communicative, there will be many opportunities for you to bring in what you already know, strengthen your skills in those areas or explore something completely new. None of the skills mentioned are required, but we appreciate an interest to learn and explore.

You are a great fit, if you can free up some capacity during the week and on the weekends to get involved in the different projects and participate in the workshops. Please note, that we always encourage you to take space for yourself and none of the social activities we offer are mandatory. But you will get most out of the program if you actively engage.

Read more about Coliving laboratory on our blog

To be updated An article written with the contribution of Selgars Mill, a Coliving in Uk coutryside offering a winter coliving as well!

How it works

The Coliving laboratory will be open to a maximum of 12 people.  The Coliving daily routine will continue as is so feel free to check on the website and learn about the Coliving life. We will hold regular weekly community meeting to share the frame of the activities and to integrate proposals from you for whatever you will like to enjoy and propose. There will be free time for exploring the neighborhood, go hiking and visiting waterfalls, cooking delicious shared dinners as well as go to local restaurants… In addition, we provide a framework of workshops, open sessions and projects to choose from during your stay at Tertulia in August.


The Coliving laboratory will be all over the month of August 2024 from 1 to 31 


The cost for the accommodation and workshops of the Coliving Laboratory is:

  • 900€ shared room
  • 1200€ private double room with shared bathroom (second person 600€)
  • 1500€ private double room with bathroom (second person 600€)

Food is not included: we will plan dinners together and have  breakfast and lunches by our own according to personal schedules or activities.

The minimum stay is one month

Places are limited: to reserve a place please fill the booking form  with indication of your preferred accommodation. We will send you the booking request to be confirmed.

July 10th 2024 is the deadline for booking.

Please make your reservation as soon as you can to let us have time to plan the coliving experience.
If you want to join last minute it will be possible upon availability and organization.

Your hosts

Anja and Francesco smiling
  • Francesco, Founder Tertulia Coliving: I moved in 2005 from Milan to Tuscany where I started Tertulia farm project, to regenerate an abandoned hamlet, a landscape and a community. I’m enthusiast about permaculture and focused on exploring Forest potential (wellbeing, food, house). I run the Forest Coliving as a social innovation project to empower the rural area of Mugello
  • Anja, Founder AGAIA Coliving: I live semi-nomadic with a base in Tuscany and I am involved in many impact-driven projects as Facilitator, Project Manager, Host and Coach. I run retreats and popup colivings in rural Italy for Digital Nomads and communities with the objective to make this region more attractive and accessible. I love to share my passion for Social Entrepreneurship and community as well as mindfulness, creativity and activities in nature.