coliver experience

In this page of the blog we will collect some stories and share about ‘Coliver Experience’ through short videos, poems, reviews. Many other colivers passed from Tertulia, this is just a small excerpt of all the amazing people we meet. These are not interviews by actors or politicians or done in a professional way, but simply spontaneous sharing by real people like you are. 

You can get to know something about their experience in Tertulia Coliving, what they wanted to share, catch the emotion of the moment. Everyone is a different person with different story, everyone has a different coliver experience to share. All of them were part of our dynamic and cozy community in the Forest of Tuscany empowering each other in the inspiring community life that we experience in Tertulia. Would you like to be the next one? Join us!


From Argentina to Tuscany. The coliver experience of Cecilia was smooth and really organic: maturally connected to the place and the people. Such a distance in km was not really a distance in vibe and sharing the community life. Very professional in his job but always ready to be involved in activities in the coliving.


He came with a big beard but suddenly the day of the party he looked completely shaved. It’s a big small indication of transforming. Thanks for making this so evident , it’s an experience we often share in the coliving community (and it’s a bit our experience of people that came to countrylife from a big town). Here is a poem, share by Mike on out telegram group a few days after leaving.

Where Romeo
And Julia
The wind and the sky
Shine like the bridge
Between love
And care
Where you will find
Whatever you dare
In the forest
Surrounded by clouds
Speak voices
Of old tales
Out loud
Silent silence
Silenced in the night
They shine upon you
When you sing and fight
At night
For peace to find
Its way
Hand in hand
On your shoulder
It is okay to stay
And gently on your back
A hand
A soul
The feeling in response
The appealing healing
It’s around and inside us
The unmesurable connection
That flies between us
Never disappoints
To rhyme and surprise
Not of self
Prepacked from a shelf
We united and unique
Bridge distance
Until we break apart
And say ciao
A una diaspora nuova
Tertulia mio
(Aka on a boat bored)


She came for two weeks, than she extended again and again.
Was a gift to share the coliver expeirence of Kristina during a period full of events, parties and meetings. She was amazing to take care of our dog Filù that ended to be  much more beautiful and ‘hairdressed’ than before! Hope to see you soon!


We had the pleasure to meet Emérence from Belgium. She spend one month in Tertulia coliving and colored our days with her joy and inborn elegance. She’s a graphic designer but with focus on hand drawing: we really loved the art in her job, the porpose to keep the hand work as a fix point as with digital graphis you will never reach the ‘imperfections’ that makes things apper unique. If you think about celebrations, know someone who wants a special wedding presentation, or simply are courious about nice drawings give a look to her website

sarah e johannnes

What a pleasure to cross the roads of these two amazing travellers ! They brought us coliver experience from all over Europe and more! They immediately connected to the community vibe and we enjoyed so much the time spent together! You will probably find them around Tenerife or in some other coliving … 

Alice e monia

The power of ethical ideas transmitted with semplicity and effectiveness: Alice and Monia are doing an amazing job to bring attention to how vegan life style can be a way to get more in touch with the role of humans on this planet: we cannot go on considering that animals have less rights. Have you ever heard about anti-specism?


During her year spent in Italy she was a couple of months with us and was really a homy presence. Immediatly miss her when she left, maybe not the most loud person, but an important person: the roles in the community are fluid and depends on people, everyone has to look for the one that fits more as Marieke was doing naturally.


After many months and diverse coming back in Tertulia, more than a coliver experience it’s a real friendship and deep connection we developed with Simon. And finally, he became a permanent inhabitant of our surrounding Forest. You will meet him if you come in Tertulia, and maybe visit his ‘Casina’ and share part of his experience. Thanks for this wonderful and rich poem!