Winter coliving
Sunset with a sea of fog below
Winter coliving
Hike on the snow: the view
winter coliving
Hike in the Forest
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Winter Forest Coliving experience

Winter in the Forest is not for everyone, are you the right person? Come to experience a special Coliving lifestyle for the winter months from January till February. Fully sustainable heating system with the wood that we cut in our Forest with regenerative principles.
And we are planning special events for this period: hikes, active meditations, territory discoveries (terms of Tuscany, Forest secrets…), connection with local projects (transition town), talk about ‘plants-coliving-coworking: what are the connections?’ and for sure parties with local friends.

Inspired by the Forest

The Forest is a constant inspiration. Winter is a season in which plants teach us how to store the energy for the upcoming spring and summer, go into our roots, be efficient in the use of our resources, keep in touch with all the community (through roots and mushrooms they are constantly connected to each other). So it’s the ideal period to focus on your own projects and ideas, to take your time to study, read, reflect and produce new thoughts.

walking in a beautiful forest

Fire, energy, wood

Wood from our Forest will be the unique source of energy to heat us (heating is only wood driven with a centralized super efficient stove connected to the rooms and the communal spaces). We will be cozy and warm even during rainy or snowy days. Fire is a magic component of rural winter life: you will learn how to manage it, how to recognize different types of wood and how they behave on the fire. Fire is nice to look at, listen to, and to inspire beautiful moments of sharing just sitting in front of it: in the communal kitchen there is a big fireplace where it is possible to sit inside!
Have you ever used a Rocket stove? It’s a mass heater, able to burn wood residuals that we self-built in the barn, the multifunctional room in Tertulia. Keeping warm the rocket stove is a community work, as every couple of hours has to be recharged and you will learn to manage it.


Amazing views and landscape are waiting for you: in the morning it is frequent to face the valley on a proper sea of fog while we are in the full sun, the first snow on the top of the surrounding mountains is very nice, sunsets can be astonishing if some clouds are in the horizon. But every day is different! On sunny days it could be even possible to have lunch outside in the sun as it will quickly warm us, particularly if we stay close to the stone walls of the house facing south. Could be possible even to find moments to work from an outdoor desk, or having calls outside.
Even storms are fascinating if a group of people share the experience with us, rainy days are cozy and perfect to stay close to the fire. You will experience the dark, outside there is no light pollution and days are short in full winter. But the full moon is present as well to give us impressive clear nights, and if it happens when there is a few snow it’s amazing…
Hikes are easier because there are no insects and blackberry plants on the paths. It’s not snowing very much, last winters only a week or sparse days. Temperatures are usually around 2-3 °C min in January but in the sun they are around 10-15°C.

girl with two dogs and the view


Last but not least, is the main core of the coliving concept. Community is more than important in winter and means helping each other, sharing good moments, building strong relations.
You could be involved in helping with wood and heating and farming jobs if you love to.
Different are the options to share moments together: every night there will be the opportunity of a shared dinner, game or movie night, you could plan a group visit to the territory and Tuscany, or meeting with the local community. Same that we experience in other seasons in the Coliving, but in winter the rhythm will be naturally guided from the surrounding environment and you will be surprised to discover how much can we connect with the rhythm of this very special season.


We are planning different events inspired by the winter season:
Hike on the ridge: we will visit the track 00 (7500km all over Italy) which is passing on top of the mountain over Tertulia. In this area there is a project of an industrial wind farm with towers of 150m that will completely change the environment. It will be a nice opportunity to discuss about renewable energy and the exigence to protect wild areas and rural territories
dynamic meditations by Yashu: a special blinded dance, some meditation to learn how to use the voice, dynamics to heat inside us and the body (Yashu is passioned of meditations: she is an ex coliver and she is living 10 min walk from Tertulia)
– visit the terms in Tuscany: there are some amazing places where is possible to bathe in hot water in open air for free!
– an expert in truffle hunting and preparation (cooking and eating) can guide us in a special experience to discover the secrets of the Forest. This experience is in function of the season and availability of truffles…
– we will connect to a local project of transition town. Do you know what it is? It’s about ecological transition discussed in the community directly by citizens trying to involve even the administrations
Plants-coliving-coworking: a session about going at the origin of the Forest coliving idea and tips on how we are practising  plants inspirations in the community life style 
parties and celebrations: would be nice to have a christmas traditions exchange, the new years eve, carnival, to be done in Tertulia or on the territory

Read more about Winter slow coliving on our blog!

An article written with the contribution of Selgars Mill, a Coliving in Uk coutryside offering a winter coliving as well!

How it works

The Coliving will be open to a minimum of 4-5 people maximum 8-10  during a period of approximately one month.  The Coliving daily functioning will be as in the other season so feel free to check on the website and learn about the Coliving life.


From January 20 till February 18


The cost for the period of stay is:

  • 550€ shared room
  • 850€ private double room with shared bathroom (second person 400€)
  • 1100€ private double room with bathroom (second person 400€)

Wood heating is included in the costs.

Food is not included: we will plan shared dinners and have free breakfast and lunches sharing the costs of the food (approximately 10-14€ per day per person for a healthy and rich diet).

Places are limited: to reserve a place please fill the booking form  with indication of your preferred accommodation. We ask for a deposit of 150€ to confirm the request. When the winter experience is confirmed we will contact you to complete the 50% deposit payment.

Jan 7 2024 is the deadline: if we don’t confirm the experience you will be refunded of the confirmation request.

If the minimum number is not reached we will not open the coliving : please make your reservation at least 30 days before your arrival date to let us plan the coliving experience.
If you want to join last minute it will be possible upon availability.

Arch Tertulia with sunset