The communal kitchen (ConVivio) is the real heart of coliving. We all pass through here, and this is where we meet for meals, snacks and aperitifs. In Tertulia you will find a ‘funky’ kitchen: a rustic feel, with the large original fireplace, the restored terracotta floor and the wood and terracotta roof, but also a professional kitchen, stainless steel tables, a sink with pedal taps and a dishwasher. The kitchen is fully equipped, whether for cooking for a few or for cooking for large groups: all the dishes and utensils are organised in an intuitive and easy-to-remember way: you will feel at home immediately! In the ConVivio kitchen you can cook, listen to music, celebrate, light the fire, taste, enjoy, make friends.

One rule must always be remembered: it is your responsibility to leave the kitchen as (or even better) than you found it: everyone is asked to make an effort to tidy up the things they use, wash the pots and pans after cooking, leave the sink clean. A volunteer will help you remember this and will be supportive in tidying up at the end of the day. This aspect is fundamental for a pleasant co-existence in the coliving.

how we are organised for meals

Tertulia is a family style coliving, there will be no more than 12 people. The organisation of breakfast and lunch is free, everyone has different schedules and timings so flexibility is important. We eat dinners together and everyone is invited to cook and help in the dinners one or two times a week. Shared dinners are moments of relations, friendship, culinary discoveries, fun. And also you will have to cook only one day and you will find the dinner ready on the other days! 

We plan two times a week to go to groceries (of course, you can go when you like if you have a car or if you want to take the shared car). As we are remote it is preferable to plan groceries for dinners as well a few days in advance. You will have your own shelf in the fridge and a space in the pantry for dry food or food that does not need to be in the fridge. For shared dinners and leftovers we have a communal fridge as well.

We can suggest small local producers, recommend seasonal vegetables, offer products from our farm (vegetables, eggs, chestnuts, oil, jams, fruit, chestnut flour).  But we also take  great pleasure in tasting new recipes, learning different cooking styles, ‘travelling’ through the aromas and flavors of dishes typical of each coliver’s country of origin.

One theme that is particularly close to our hearts is taking care to reduce the waste produced as much as possible, limiting waste, and encouraging small-scale local farming whenever possible: we are experts in recipes for making the most of leftovers, and in any case, if there is organic waste, the hens will be delighted to turn it into excellent eggs! We will be happy to discuss these issues and be inspired by your proposals to improve the coliving lifestyle together. 

shared lunch at the Pergola
Apericena is ready!
shared dinner at the pergola

The pergola, just outside the kitchen door, is equipped with tables and chairs and is the ideal place to enjoy mealtimes, early in the morning as well as at lunchtime or in the evening, with the backdrop of nature and colours, the scent of flowers and the background of the birds that populate the trees of Tertulia.

The wood-burning oven next to the pergola allows cooking without gas and using waste wood. It is suitable for group dinners and is quick to heat up by having the wood and the fire in a separate room from the cooking area (so the ash and dust from combustion do not contaminate the food): ask us how to light and manage it, it takes little to get used to and cook excellent dishes (tasty vegetables, cecina, baked potatoes, savoury pies, pizza …..)

In the ‘ConVivio’ Kitchen you will find:

  • Two stoves (one professional)
  • Cookware sets for individual and group cooking
  • Two refrigerators to store your groceries and a pantry at your disposal
  • One communal fridge
  • Plates, cutlery, glasses, cups and mugs in abundance
  • Kitchen utensils (knives, electrical appliances, ladles, etc.)
  • Worktops in stainless steel
  • A giant fireplace where you can also cook on the fire
  • An electric oven inside and a wood oven just outside the kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Fair trade coffee, tuscan oil, fair trade sugar and salt included
  • Spices
  • Teas
  • Coffee break corner with kettle and toaster
glass of wine in the view

Honesty bar

At your disposal you will find a space with a refrigerator and a pantry always stocked with quality products from the area and with fresh drinks and a selection of wines. A detailed list will guide you in choosing the products to taste, for your snacks, aperitifs at sunset, dinners and whatever you want. There are also Tertulia products, such as jam and sourdough bread or yogurt. Why this name? Simple: all you have to do is self service and mark your drinks on a sheet. Based on the proposed price list, we will take care to count the consumption at the end of the week of stay.


(Slow) Coffee break corner

At your disposal in the kitchen you will find a corner dedicated to herbal teas, tea and coffee. A kettle and a toaster for your breaks and resume working more rested! In particular we propose a way to take a slow and responsible coffee: with the collaboration of Annacaffè (a project of socially responsible and high quality coffee) we propose you to grind (by hand) directly your coffee for mocha or filter and enjoy it with all its aromas and also devoting a little 'you attention to think about where it comes from and how it was produced this coffee. Don't worry, you will find a panel with all the explanations to prepare an excellent coffee!