From the city to the countryside for a deep change of life in tune with our values. The rural project of Francesco and Giorgia is born:

In 2005 we moved from Milan and bought Podere Il Monte. The idea of ​​ was born. A big jump! Little by little we learned to live here, in the forest, to cut wood to keep warm and a little garden to eat healthy things, the first hens and then the goats (which we have now given to a friend). A lot of work was needed to restore the structures of this splendid 1700s village that had been abandoned by the peasant sharecroppers in 1985. First the roof of the farmhouse, then the centralized wood boiler, the new boar, the phytodepuration, the house for our family. Finally, the spaces for hosting (rooms and kitchen of the farmhouse, the exteriors) and the spaces for hospitality and solidarity projects.

Meanwhile, our three children were born (from 2009 to 2012, the last one was born in the house renovated by us!) Who now go to school (elementary and middle school) and we started some agricultural productions, with alternating results depending on the seasons and of the remaining energies … Thus the chestnuts, honey, oil, cherries and figs, potatoes, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. And the home-made production of tomato sauce, jams, elderberry syrup, nocino. Homemade bread with sourdough and much more … We have lived experiences of ‘community’ sharing in successive periods and of various durations that have enriched us and made us grow as people and in the awareness that building projects and dreams with other people it is a challenging path and to be faced with the right tools and there are many ways to do it.

The Tertulia project – living laboratory of sustainability, was born in 2012 and starts from the search to make the ethics of permaculture our own in everyday life: care of the earth, care of the person, sharing of resources.

We are a dynamic project, in continuous evolution, open to stimuli and confrontations, which requires the contribution of people and energy to grow and develop!

For eight years we have hosted refugees in a family welcome project and we have lived very rich and intense experiences, of relationships with people who have brought us stories of suffering but also so much need for care and sincere affection.

We have for several years organized several courses in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, theater of the oppressed, mindfulness and many others. We also participate in the courses, both to learn and to be part of the group, maybe even just cooking and warmly welcoming the participants. This has allowed us to develop in Tertulia a culture of welcoming, of being together, which today we propose again with the Forest Coliving Coworking project in the woods! On this site you can read a lot of information about the project, about us and our history. But if you want to come to Tertulia for a stay we will be happy to meet you and to be able to talk together, perhaps at sunset with a view of the Mugello valley!

To strive for serenity I need to see harmony to find harmony I need to see peaceful faces
when I encounter troubled eyes I wonder what I can do.

Sharing bits of life is a good way to find solutions where someone feels lacks. It is necessary to make some space. It is necessary to be strong when in this space you have the sensation of trampling, keeping this presence while listening opens up possibilities where at times you saw just a few.

Taking care is first of all offering active listening and constancy; to cure is subsequently to trust and, by having concrete experiences, to build together new images for the future; maintaining a caring relationship is believing in the gestures and dreams of those who take their path, without losing contact with them.

The intensity of this exchange moves us and makes us new every today and every tomorrow.