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Join us in August for an extra special month about exploring how the dynamic coliving community can have social impact at different scales (Tertulia farm, wider community, territory). Send us a mail to ask for more infos!

update rooms availability

Four rooms from January 20/2024 on

Last minute cancellation from 2nd May till 1st June

2 beds available till November 9

Book your place at Tertulia coliving

If you are looking for a place surrounded by nature where you can meet other people who, like you, can work remotely and wish to develop their projects and experience community, you are in the right place! Since 2020, Tertulia Coliving has been a place open to digital nomads, creatives, people in a transformative phase of their lives, curious travellers, interested in comparison and eager to experience a stimulating and enriching time.

Tertulia, before being a Coliving, has been for 9 years a project focused on family welcoming of refugees and organization of workshops and training courses of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, mindfulness, social theatre, bioconstructions. Over the years we have developed our own ‘culture’ of welcoming and giving people the feeling of being at home

every season is different, all are special

In spring you will find the flowers and scents of the splendid Mugello landscape and the power of nature and the wild, in summer you will discover magical evenings with a view of the sunset and the many rivers and places to cool off, in autumn you will be enchanted by the colours and scents of the forest and take part in the chestnut and olive harvest, and in winter you will rediscover your relationship with the dark, with fire and with the fascinating landscapes of the forest. But in all seasons you will always find a welcoming place, a community ready to make you feel part of the ‘family’ with whom you can meet regularly and exchange, people ready to share their experiences of how to think of a rural place in an innovative way and reconnect with the wild nature that surrounds us. 

how long can I stay in tertulia?

This is not a random question, as from the experience of living in the Coliving we advise and invite you to consider staying at least a month. That is why we have rates with significant reductions for those who decides to stay at least 30 days (25% discount). In a month you will have time to experience the place, to visit the surrounding area, to take your time for your projects but above all you will have time to meet other people, to exchange, to listen to your feelings in a life experience with transformative power. And the people you meet will also be happy to have time to get to know you, to meet you in a rhythm of life with time to spare.

The minimum stay is 14 days. We are also open to shorter stays if you have particular costraints, please contact us before booking. We are careful to balance individual exigences to respect group wellbeing. 

We don’t have a maximum limit to your stay: you may wish to extend your stay, as is often the case, you may decide to come back at another time of year and meet new people, or you may even think about looking for a situation to live in the surrounding area and become part of the diffuse community that is springing up around Tertulia. We will certainly be by your side to tell you about the area, the projects and how life works around here!

what I find in Tertulia?

You will be part of a dynamic community of people who like you chose to live a coliving experience. We have only 12 spots in three different kind of accommodations. It’s helpful if you decide to come in the first week of the month to reduce arrivals and goodbyes during the month for a smoother experience of the group (it’s true, every time someone is coming or leaving it’s a good occasion to celebrate, but also can be demanding for who is living the experience) .

There will be a community ‘un-manager’ as a reference (everyone in the group is important, there are no leaders but diverse people), sometimes volunteers who help managing the spaces. A diffuse community is growing around Tertulia and you will meet some of them, they are people both from the coliving both neighbours.

You will be part of tasks to share the responsibility of keeping the spaces neat and ordered, both in the kitchen, both in the communal areas. Like at home, everyday your contribution is precious to maintain Tertulia beautiful!

Tertulia is a rural house, where we self built the majority of the things you will see (apart from the walls of the home and a few roofs…): don’t expect an hotel or a brand new space, but a funky atmosphere where new and old blend together, a professional kitchen stove close to a traditional fireplace, a wood oak pavement or liberty decorations in the rooms, and a muddy or dusty path in the garden. We prefer reusing furniture when is possible, be creative and sustainable.

Nature is alive here, plants are growing fast in spring, wild animals are all around, insects are part of a sane and powerful environment where the air is pure, the sound is the one of the forest, the night light depends on the moon. 

You will find a place where we live with respect to sustainability, aiming to have a positive and regenerative impact, and your contribution is important to foster our dream of making things better in this small corner of world

WIFI and working spaces

A fast reliable connection is granted thanks to a satellite provider (Starlink). To prevent failures we have a backup connection too with fwa 5g technology. Average download speed is 200 Mb/s and upload is 20 Mb/s which is allowing a perfect experience for calls.

You will have two coworking rooms 24/7 and a small room for private calls. Every room has a workstation and wifi is also outdoor (the best office is the one with the best inspiring view)

We eat dinners together. For lunch just do your own snack as everyone is on a different schedule. As everyone has a different schedule for morning and mid-day tasks you can be as flexible as necessary. For dinners you will be contributing in cooking and helping in the kitchen, according to your schedule, skills, desire. A little bit of help by everyone makes things easier for all. 

We plan two groceries moments in the week, both for personal food both for shared dinners. Some planning is requested to have available on site all ingredients necessary for each gourmet menu!


We know that mobility is a ‘basic freedom’. If you cannot come with your car you will face the issue of rural mobility chronical scarcity of remote areas.  Our solution is a shared car, available for local movements (groceries, go to a hike starting point, go to a restaurant, go for a dive in ponds, go to train station…). You will have to rent a car for weekends or longer trips. Car pooling is another option: we often move to the town and we can offer rides, as well as some of our neighbours. And there is a friend offering a taxi service but needs to be booked in advance.

choose your room

Daily rate 50€
two weeks 700 €
one month 1125 € (-25%)
(*extra 20€ per day for second person)

Daily rate 40€
two weeks 560€
one month 900 € (-25%)
(*extra 20€ per day for second person)

Daily rate 30€
two weeks 420 €
one month 675 € (-25%)

Our rates include: accommodation in the room, weekly housekeeping in communal spaces, housekeeping in the rooms every 2 weeks (there is a cleaning kit in each room for self cleaning), change of linen and towels upon request (you can choose to change them every two weeks if you want to help the sustainability of the project, one week is the minimum), base kitchen equipment (fair trade and social responsible coffee, tuscan olive oil, whole salt and fair trade sugar, plus teas and spices for cooking), use of communal spaces (shared Kitchen, coworking room, multifunctional barn with beamer), wifi everywhere, outdoors and forest for all your needings and much more: find out the activities at Tertulia and surroundings!

In the rooms you find

High speed Wi-FI



workstation desk

weekly housekeeping

What you have in Tertulia

In the surroundings

Outdoor activities

Trekking, mtb, e-bike, horse, rivers and waterfalls

Local producers

Veggies, meat, ham, cheese


35 km far, train every hour


Fill in the form and send us your booking request. We will contact you back to ask for confirmation with down payment once verified the availability for the room and the dates that you requested. Thank you! 

Booking conditions

The reservation of Tertulia Coliving becomes binding only when we receive the payment receipt of a confirmation deposit (correspondent to 50% of the total of the stay). The booking confirmation that Tertulia Coliving sends to the client establishes the drawing up of the booking contract.
The reservation is automatically cancelled if we do not receive the deposit within 5 days from the booking. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer (on the bank account indicated in the reply email) or on demand by card payment with a fee (1% European private cards, 2.8% corporate and non-European cards). All displayed rates include VAT.
With the payment of the confirmatory deposit, the booking and payment conditions and particularly the cancellation conditions are considered understood and legally accepted in full.


Check-in: write us to let us know your time arrival. We will organize to welcome you with the maximum flexibility.

Check-out: the room has to be free into 12.00 of the leaving day (it is possible anyway to deposit your luggage ).

Cancellation conditions

If you cancel at least 30 days before the check-in date you can use the full amount of the deposit as a credit for a future reservation within 12 months. If you cancel between 30 and 15 days before check in 10% of the whole reservation amount will be retained as a cancellation fee and the remainder of the deposit amount can be used as a credit for a future reservation within 12 months. If you cancel more than 15 days before check in the full amount of the deposit will be retained. Cancellation during the stay is not refundable.

Pets policy

If you are travelling with pets and you are thinking of staying in Tertulia with them, please let us know and we can discuss together about the opportunity. At Tertulia we have two dogs and three cats (as well as plenty of chickens and wild animals) living in harmony with each other. We ask the owners of pets to take the responsibility for maintaining this harmony by watching over their animals (we do not wish to lock or tie up our animals). We only have one rule that we ask you to respect: animals are not allowed inside the facility (rooms and common areas) to respect all guests. Our animals are always outside.

Some information to know ... (tap here)

Mugello is a predominantly rural area - The village of Vicchio is 10 min drive far - Local producers and delicious healthy food - White road uphill to reach us - We are in the countryside: bring clothing and shoes suitable for the season and for trekking - Super nice environmental guide available for trekking and discovery of the territory - Free parking

...before your arrival

One of the most beautiful cities in the world: reach Florence in 1 hour by train - Walks and treks right at your door steps - Mountain bike trails starting from home - Rivers for swimming 10 minutes by car - Lake 30 minutes by car - Mugello circuit with free events - “Giotto jazz festival” in Vicchio in March - “Etnica”: free music in the square in Vicchio in June - The chestnut harvest in October

Any question? Write us and we will answer immediately!